Development of green hydrogen production facility

Europe is at the forefront of the clean energy transition. To meet Europe’s ambitious low emission objectives, the market has to simultaneously develop all elements of the hydrogen value chain. In an emerging market, the hydrogen production is best developed at a at smaller to mitigate commercial risks. The small-scale production is perfectly suitable for mobility and light industry use cases at a municipality and regional level. Green hydrogen is produced in the process called electrolysis, in which the water molecule is split into hydrogen and oxygen using renewable electricity. Hydrogen is then stored and distributed to off takers, and oxygen is typically released.

Hydrogen Prospect is in the business of developing green hydrogen production facilities across Europe at a small scale of about 1-5 MW which can produce up to 150-700 tons of hydrogen per year, respectively. Produced hydrogen would then be distributed by compressed gas tube trailers via roads. The supplied hydrogen would be enough to power a fleet of 10-50 buses or long-haul trucks every day. A clean and simple way to decarbonize transport at local scale, and a stepping stone towards large-scale hydrogen-based economy.


A conceptual design of 2.5MW electrolyzer site. Photo courtesy of H2B2