about us

mission statement

Create the path towards a clean energy and a carbon neutral world for our children

Hydrogen Prospect was founded in September of 2021 with one goal in mind – to help address the climate crisis by accelerating energy transition.

How are we going to achieve this goal? By focusing our efforts on one of the key links of the low carbon hydrogen value chain, hydrogen storage. How are we going to do it? By guiding our clients in development of an underground hydrogen storage caverns in salt domes and thick salt beds. Where are we planning to do this? The Netherlands, Germany, and other EU countries that meet the geologic requirements and offer favorable regulatory framework. How does Hydrogen Prospect add value to the market? By providing the knowledge to our clients necessary to develop clean hydrogen Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS). STaaS will ultimately benefit the clean hydrogen producers and consumers. 


Based on our market analysis in the EU and globally, the large-scale, long-duration, fast-cycle hydrogen storage is in the blind spot of the energy transition and needs to be quickly addressed. The storage solutions at scale are required to balance and optimize the emerging supply and demand sides of hydrogen market. The low carbon hydrogen value chain, from production, through transport and storage, to end usage, has to be deployed to the market simultaneously for the energy transition to be successful. We believe that this should be a key area of interest for investors, energy policy makers, and hydrogen regulators globally. 


Hydrogen Prospect is a Netherlands-based company focused on providing consulting and project management services related to development and operating of large-scale, long-duration, fast-cycle hydrogen underground storage assets in the EU. Hydrogen Prospect is a vibrant, passionate and dedicated team of energy professionals bringing over 100 years of combined world class operational, technical and commercial experience.

meet the team

piotrek lewandowski

• Energy storage strategist and hydrogen future enabler
• 12+ years in managing upstream field projects at ExxonMobil
• PhD in Civil and Environmental Engr
• MSc in Physics
• Location: Groningen, Netherlands

Piotr Angiel

Co-Founder and COO
• Energy transition organizer
• Subsurface data integrator and geology expert
• 8 years in identifying drilling targets and pursuing energy opportunities at ExxonMobil
• PhD in Geology
• Location: Alberta, Canada

maciej lewandowski

• 20+ years as head of financial risk at Citi, HSBC, PKOBP, NatWest
• 6 years in bank supervisory roles at ECB Frankfurt
• MSc in Finance, Post Grad in Climate Change Transform
• Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Piotr Domaszczynski

• Energy transition organizer
• Surface engineering value creator with 10+ years in engineering consulting
• 5 years at NASA data ground validation programs
• PhD in Civil and Environmental Engr
• MSc in Electrical Engrineering
• Location: New York, USA

piotr trzaska

• Startup veteran of 15+ years with a proven track record in setting up new ventures
• Compliance and field safety professional NEBOSH
• Location: London, UK